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Welcome to the 9th Annual Bitter Jester® Battle of the Bands!

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Friday Night Battle Winners: $50.00 each Friday (four winners total)
Runner Up: $200.00
Grand Champion: $400.00

Interested in applying? Email BattleOfTheBands [at] Bitterjester [dotcom]

How the Battles work:

  • Up to six (6) bands battle it out on the last four (4) Friday nights in June at Port Clinton Square in downtown Highland Park. Battles begin at 8:30 pm.
  • Bands play a 20-25 minute set.
  • Judges pick one winning band each Friday night.
  • The winning bands each claim a $50 price and advance to the Semi-Finals, held at Wolters Field in Highland Park on the 4th of July. A "Wild Card Band" is also selected by Bitter Jester to compete with the Friday Night Battle winners. Each band plays a 20-minute set in front of all-new judges on the 4th.
  • Judges on the 4th of July narrow the five (5) Semi-Finalist bands down to two (2) Finalist Bands.
  • The two Finalist Bands then each play a single song in the final round (also on the 4th of July), and the Grand Champion is chosen by the audience via applause and cheering using the Official Bluegrass Decibel Meter!
  • The Runner-Up band is awarded a $200 prize and the Winning Band is awarded a $400 prize and the title of Grand Champion!
  • Who is eligible to apply?
    While our battle of mostly focused around high school bands, all Jr. High, High School, and College bands are eligible to apply. The only requirement is that at least one band member must be an incoming, current, or recently graduated high school student.

    All applicants must be available to play in Highland Park, IL on the 4th of July and on a single Friday in June.