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Chicago Video Production, Editing, Photography, Live Performance: Bitter Jester Creative
Bitter Jester Creative
838 Central Ave, Highland Park, IL 60035     847.433.8660

Chicago Video Production
since 2001


Bitter Jester HD Video Production

Bitter Jester Creative (BJC) corporate video productions are often integrated into a company's strategic marketing plan or as the centerpiece to a powerful website. Other times, BJC's videos are used as fundraising, informative, and instructional tools. Corporate productions can be seen on television and the Internet, at trade show booths, and at film festivals nationwide. BJC's consumer work is regularly shown at private events and parties -or- handed down as priceless family heirlooms from one generation to the next.

Legacy Productions

LifeStory Videos – The clips here are highlights from several feature-length personal "LifeStory" videos produced by BJC. Sensitively produced and expertly edited, these LifeStories are History Channel-style documentaries about a specific family or cherished family member. Complete with background music and intercut with family films and photos, these moving documents allow older family members to share their stories and their wisdom to future generations.

Tribute Videos – This example is a video produced as a surprise for Ravinia Festival's Lucy Minor, a member of the Ravnia Associates and a tireless worker in Ravinia's REACH*TEACH*PLAY educational program. The video was screened at Ravinia's "Festa 2010" event. Festa is Ravinia's largest fundraising gala and Lucy was being honored with both the video and an award. Please be sure to read the testimonial of Nick Pullia, Ravinia's Director of Communications!

Corporate Productions

Marketing & PR – Clips from various company overview and history videos can be seen here, as well as examples of our video testimonial work. Utilizing the power of video to put a human face on your company will absolutely help set you apart from your competition.

Commercials – This section contains examples of just a few Chicagoland and national television commercials produced by BJC. The idea here is always to get the message delivered in a quick yet enjoyable way.

Documentaries – BJC takes enormous pride in its documentary work. Usually produced for nonprofit organizations as a way for them to raise awareness (and money!), BJC documentaries are always projects of passion. Even if you are not in the market to make a documentary, please take some time to watch these clips. You will be happy that you did.

Product Demos – A bit more formal and straightforward, these clips are examples of demonstrational videos that are currently being used to build brand awareness. Ideal for use on the web or at trade shows, product demos typically highlight the features and benefits of a given product.

Consumer Productions

Photo-to-Video Montages – BJC excels at bringing your photos to life and adding humor to your home movies with its compact, memorable video montages. These clips highlight some enjoyable montage moments from over the years. A must-have for Bar/Bat Mizvahs, wedding receptions, anniversaries, retirement parties, or a significant birthday milestone!

Personal Demo Reels – Typically handed in after an interview or mailed in preparation of an in-person audition, a demo reel is a quick and easy way to make a lasting first impression. The clips in this section are examples of demo reels that were edited by BJC using footage supplied by the client. Coming soon!

Short Films – Unlike many corporate projects, most of BJC's Short Films are a collaborative effort requiring the pooling of talent from multiple disciplines and organizations. The short films in this section are a smattering of creative projects either conceived or produced or crewed by BJC, but not necessarily all of the above. Each of these films, however, showcases the cinematography of Daniel Kullman.